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Especially the tax for the highest 3% of the wealthy

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Most important issue facing country in 2011

As the new Congress gets down to business this week, there no shortage of issues waiting to be addressed.

House Republicans say they will fulfill a campaign promise and vote to repeal President Obama health care law before he delivers his State of the Union address.

Seems like a pretty futile exercise even if such a repeal were to pass the house, it unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate since the Democrats still hold a slim majority there. Plus, President Obama could veto it.

Also, by focusing on health care when much of the country is still worried about jobs Republicans risk making the same mistake Democrats did when they plowed ahead with health care in the first place.

buy canada goose jacket cheap The GOP also has its eye on other legislation passed by the Democratic congress like new limits on greenhouse canada goose outlet washington dc gas emissions and the reach of entitlement programs. Some are calling for various investigations into the Obama administration. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Just what we need, tying up the Congress with investigations at a time when there are other huge issues out there like the economy, immigration and the skyrocketing deficit. Republicans have vowed to tackle government spending, but they soon have to decide whether they want to raise the debt ceiling, once again, from $14.3 trillion.

canada goose Meanwhile, a majority of Americans are optimistic about the new year. A new Gallup poll shows 58 percent canada goose outlet ottawa say 2011 will be better than 2010. 20 percent say it will be worse and 21 percent say it will be the same. canada goose

The poll suggests Democrats and young Americans are more positive than Independents, Republicans and older Americans about the coming year.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Here’s my question to you: What the most important issue facing the country in 2011? Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Entitlements, entitlements, entitlements. Our government is a massive entitlements vending machine which is deferring costs as far as possible into the future burdening later generations. Unless policy changes are made, projected spending for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, canada goose outlets uk and federal employee retirement programs alone will consume all tax revenues collected by 2030.

Reducing the deficit must be a top priority. Although it not a major short term problem, the plans to reduce it must be set in place now or it may not happen until it too late.

canada goose uk outlet Cynicism is the greatest problem we are facing. We won be able to solve anything if insults, disrespect, and sarcasm replace legitimate political discussion. It may play well on the newscasts, but dueling sound bites and snarky pundit commentary aren doing a thing for the rest of us. canada goose uk outlet

Steve in Clifton, Virginia writes:

The most important issue facing the country for 2011 is just the application of common sense for https://www.naslsoccerbowl.com the common good of the American people. Let us not confuse the debate with fellow citizens within our borders with enemies outside of our borders.

canada goose uk black friday A second financial meltdown. This time from states defaulting on bonds, massive cuts by states and the possible collapse of the Euro. canada goose uk black friday

canada goose black friday sale Getting the unemployed to go to school to learn a trade or profession. I read where there are a lot of jobs that need to be filled but can be filled due to unqualified people. canada goose black friday sale

Happy New Year, Jack! The top issue for 2011: the economy. I hope this year you will ask more intelligent questions. No more stupid Palin questions.

Canada Goose Parka The most important issue facing the country in 2011 and beyond is our economy recovery. With China and other nations owning our debt and American spending more than they are making on products and services that are service offshore, America productivity and canada goose outlet in montreal wealth are leaving our hands and control. Canada Goose Parka

Americans will have to buy American and by less than they want and only what they need. Some businesses will go out of business if they sell only offshore produced items, but other businesses will grow. Things may be more costly at first, but with more people in America working, prices will come down for products produced in America.

We need to stop printing money and produce purchasable. We need to get back to producing, industry and farming which made us undeniably one of the most powerful nations in the world.

All empires rise and fall. America is falling due to economic implosion. Only American can stop it. It is time to stop fueling Wall Street and the government. We need to fuel Main Street.

Big canada goose shop vancouver banks failing to work with people trying to stay in their homes. They deliberately stall on paper work and plaque clients with requests for duplicate paper work and all these months that pass the customer falls futher and futher behind with unbearable late fees and past due mortgage payments until there no hope. I never missed a payment on anything and when I asked for a modification due to wage cuts I was told as long as you are paying they will not work with you. So I stopped paying and then for over a year I have gone around and around with people who don know how to do their jobs. Unfortunately they don cheap canada goose lose we DO! The entire fiasco has made me sick and after being in our home for 11 years we are giving up. And no one wants to have to move when they are in their 70 which we are. It a travesty and 7 out of 12 homes on our block are in process or have already foreclosed. I see this as a tragedy facing our country. See no way out!

uk canada goose Thanks for your Great Show. Love your latest book Jack! uk canada goose

The most important issue is how to reshape our systems and institutions, including reckless capitalism. We have let our economic and political systems run wild like neglected children, and this has poisoned our institutions and caused virtually all of the problems we face. By being afraid to alter these systems to better align incentives we squander the opportunity to deal with a multitude of problems ranging from environmental degradation, educational decline, and social inequity to the obesity epidemic, mindless consumerism, and the poisoning of our democracy.

The United States Government has allowed communist China to give us their unemployment problem. How? Well, our own corporations were allowed (by Lobbying efforts and bought off politicans) to ship our jobs from here in America to China, India and Mexico. All for the name of a few extra quid in the pockets of the American corporate owners. Very sad. Too bad it never get better, only worse. Happy New Year!!

I think there are two main problems that needs to be addressed. First problem is the war in Afghanistan. This war has been going on for over nine years. It has cost us too many lives and wounded soldiers. Not to mention trillions of dollars. It is time to go into Afghanistan with all our might and get the people responsible for 911. Then get the hell out. Nation building should be out of the question. We don have the time or money to even think about it. The second problem would be getting our deficit under control. We need to come to the realization that you cannot support two wars and cut taxes. Especially the tax for the highest 3% of the cheap canada goose wealthy. If we don get our deficit under control soon, we will be in deep trouble. Our government/military, the media, corporate America and the far right have convinced Americans that war is an inevitability and we have a right and obligation to occupy and invade other countries at will. We have given Imperialism a new warm and fuzzy name, Building and have accepted it without question. Wars have been instigated by the past administration and continued by the current administration knowing full well from the onset they would never come to an end that would be justifiable or beneficial canada goose outlet us to any but corporate America. If we are willing to fund, support and sacrifice our youth fighting unjust, illegal and greed ridden wars in total complacency and righteous indignation, there is no other issue of any significance in 2011 or beyond.