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  • Fans showed their Bi Lo Bonus cards at the RiverDogs Box

Fans showed their Bi Lo Bonus cards at the RiverDogs Box

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replica bags reddit BALLPARK FUN: It was double the fun at Riley Park with Bi Lo Two for Tuesday. Fans showed their Bi Lo Bonus cards at the RiverDogs Box Office and received two for one admission to the game. Kraft Singles completed the double play as fans who turned in Kraft Singles wrappers received two for one tickets and even got a discount in the team’s store! Once fans got through the turnstiles the good times kept rolling as fans were treated to a pitching showcase as RiverDogs starter Sean Black struck out a career high nine batters and the team posted their second straight shutout, inching closer and closer to the Second Half Southern Division crown and a playoff berth. replica bags reddit

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