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It part of the distrust for government; We all know that the

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All the events are true. If it was put on trial in the court of law, it would be proven as fact. You are sworn in by oath by placing your hand on the Bible. It part of the distrust for government; We all know that the incomptence to plan runs down into every voting precinct. It is usual election night reporting; this time it will be a 100 times worse;They will not plan to have sufficient ballots; enough machines and enough poll workers for a real onslaught of voters; it also means that many will stay away to avoid impossible lines, especially the elderly https://www.gocanadagoose.ca who cannot stand for that long. Solution is to vote NOW at you county office if you do not have pre Nov.4 polling places.

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Canada Goose Parka Since then I missed a day of work due to a migrain, been nausiated and generally very crabby to be around. Jack I work for the Dept of Labor here in GA. You owuld think that helping my husband find another job would be a snap. With the economy in the tank anything other than a small group of friends, relatives and associates attending a globally televised swearing in of President Obama is a waste of money that we probably do not have anyhow. How much is this inauguration costing anyhow? How many homes could be saved from foreclosure with the money that is being spent? How many jobs could be created with this money? How many of the estimated millions of people that plan to attend the festivities can afford to take the time off from work without pay? How many of them can afford to be there at all? This really seems like people are reacting emotionally instead of intellectually. Obama could have set an example for the people by keeping the inauguration simple and at little cost as possible to the taxpayer Canada Goose Parka.