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It so easy to forget the spirit of our cultural events and just

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I remember especially this one conversation I witnessed a while back. Well, anyway, she was enthusing effusively about her friend who had just moved into her home She was going on and on about how deeply and sincerely she felt that, should be able to have their dream come true once in their lives! meaning of course cheap kanken, such things as a trip to Europe, a house, a car, a retirement into a life of ease; such things as that.One of the people she was laying this pop culture pseudo intellectual tripe on said you know I agree with you 100%. And I say the first person who should see her dream come true is that Somali lady who deepest and most heartfelt dream is to have one square meal each day; not even for herself, but just for her daughter.I tell ya, that brought the conversation to a thudding close.It so easy to forget the spirit of our cultural events and just get lost in the fairy tale versions.

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