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This is true of every publisher

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There are also pan disability teams along with talent pathways for deaf players and those with cerebral palsy.Getting your kids on the talent pathway ladderAlongside popular weekend and holiday coaching for Derbyshire’s youngsters, the trust operate two talent pathways for boys and girls playing football to a higher standard. TIPs is for primary aged boys and is part of the Derby County player pathway where they can feed into the club’s shadow squad.The Girls’ RTC is one of 34 across the country designed to identify players with international potential, and operates at U10, U12, U14 and U16 levels. Trials for both programmes are held once a year.Read MoreYour Good NewsA popular choice for school leavers across the county, the trust’s Post 16 Football and Education programme allows 16 18 year olds to continue their academic studies while training four times a week to compete in national football and futsal leagues.For those continuing their education, over 18s can complete their Community Coaching and Development degree through the trust, too.

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