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What one did remember were the handful of models who stole

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It is amazing how some people just read the party talking points and spew them out. Tell you what. Do some research on the CBO site. The yield on the 10 year Treasury rose to 1.64% from 1.55% late Friday in a sign that investors remain confident that the economy will continue growing. They also shifted money out of safe play sectors like utilities and makers of consumer products. Crude oil rose 2.4%.

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A Tibetan man set himself on fire in front of a famous Buddhist shrine in the Nepalese capital on Wednesday, police said, becoming the latest Tibetan to adopt this harrowing form of protest over Chinese rule. Self immolation began as a form of protest among Tibetans in China in February 2009, when a young monk set himself ablaze. In March 2011, another young monk followed in his footsteps, becoming the first to die.

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