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A foot forward and the handle falls into the open trunk

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At the time, no one thought it was possible. But he was the first to realise that a certain type of radio emission would be generated close to and all around the black hole, which would be powerful enough to be detected by telescopes on Earth.He also recalled reading a scientific paper from 1973 that suggested that because of their enormous gravity, black holes appear 2.5 times larger than they actually are.These two previously unknown factors suddenly made the seemingly impossible, possible.NaughtyGaymer 34 points submitted 15 hours agoMaybe but it makes it sound like everyone and their mother was directed towards the vendor with a big neon sign that said BUY ME BUY ME BUY ME when in reality there was a pretty specific circumstance surrounding it that only effected a very slim minority. Not to mention it lying by omission because the item itself wasn directly purchasable, it was just a chance to get it when buying the blind box equivalent item from the vendor.But that headline doesn generate clicks so.That doesn really make sense to me.

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