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Despite more than three years of operations at West Line Creek

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But, you will have an Almighty God comfort you, a family who loves you, and a country that is pulling for you, including me. No matter what comes, you will be inspired by the character and compassion of the people you will lead. And from this day you are president of all of us.

Canada Goose Outlet In light of recent charges brought against TECK under the Fisheries Act for fish deaths resulting from the failure of their selenium treatment plant in 2014, the Flathead Wild Coalition is renewing their call for a halt to new coal mines in BC’s Elk River Valley.Selenium levels in the Elk River watershed continue to be a serious threat to fish populations not only in Canada but also in the Koocanusa reservoir and the Kootenai River in the United States.Despite more than three years of operations at West Line Creek, Teck treatment process has still not safely solved the selenium problem from that mine. Selenium leaching waste rock dumps at all five of Teck’s Elk Valley mines continue to grow and selenium levels in the Elk River and downstream continue to increase.”Teck must do more to make sure selenium levels downstream of waste rock dumps are safe for fish,” said Ryland Nelson, Wildsight’s Southern Rockies Program Manager, “and we hope Environment Canada will continue their enforcement actions to push Teck to fix their water pollution problems.”Meanwhile, expansions at four of Teck’s five open pit coal mines in the Elk Valley have recently been approved by the BC Government and three new mines from other companies have been proposed, with more exploration ongoing.”Without a proven, reliable selenium treatment method, increased mining in the area is unthinkable,” said Nelson, “it is time for the BC Government to stop entertaining new mines”Selenium levels in the Elk River currently far exceed BC’s water quality guidelines. Levels in the Koocanusa Reservoir, which spans the border, have exceeded US Environmental Protection Agency criteria.selenium levels, which have been found in fish tissue on both sides of the border, threaten reproduction and cause spinal and gill deformations in trout cheap canada goose and other fish species, said Ric Hauer, Professor of Limnology at the University of Montana. Canada Goose Outlet

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