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Faith that God loves men although men do not merit His love

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In the early days, he all but invited Beijing to crack down, calling the protests “riots,” and saying it was a matter between Hong Kong and China, “because Hong Kong is a part of China.”This week, as a crackdown seemed near, Trump whined about being blamed for Chinese intervention and offered a “personal meeting” to resolve the crisis peacefully with the “great leader” President Xi Jinping.Then, on Wednesday, he personalized the issue even more by linking a trade deal with Xi with a cooperative resolution of the Hong Kong crisis.Much as I dislike Trump’s mercantilist and self centered approach, he is avoiding one important mistake in the Hong Kong crisis. He’s not implying that the United States is prepared to step in to protect the demonstrators from the consequences of their actions. He’s not writing checks that the American people, in the end, wouldn’t cash.We need to be honest with ourselves and others: The United States won’t go to war to save free speech in Hong Kong.

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