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Honesty is not something I get from Mr

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Cleans Up His Act for McCain

RICHMOND Hank Williams Jr. sang an ode to “McCain Palin tradition” at a rally here today, but the song’s original lyrics don’t quite mesh with the campaign’s family values theme.

canada goose uk outlet Williams’ original song, “Family Tradition,” is a glorification of the singer’s hard drinking, dope smoking ways. Alluding to those https://www.drachen-spiele.de who question whether he’s broken with the tradition of his famous country music star father, Williams sings, canada goose outlet online reviews “They get on canada goose gilet uk me wanna know Hank/Why do you drink?/Why do you roll smoke?/Why must you live out the songs that you wrote?/Over and over/Everybody made my prediction/So if I get stoned/I’m just carryin’/On an old family tradition.” canada goose uk outlet

The next verse continues, “I am very proud/Of my daddy’s name/Although his kinda music/And mine ain’t exactly the same/Stop and think it over/Put yourself in my position/If I get stoned and sing all night long/It’s a family tradition.”

canada goose uk shop In the song he sang this afternoon before a crowd outside canada goose vest uk the Richmond International Raceway, Williams blamed Democrats for the current financial crisis. “Now this old Union’s got problems/That is plain to see/The Democrats bankrupted Fannie Mae N Freddie Mac/Just like 1, 2, 3/The bankers didn’t want to make all those bad loans/But Bill Clinton said you got to/Now they want a bailout, what I’m talking about/Is a Democrat liberal who do.” canada goose uk shop

Canada Goose Parka The chorus is right in keeping with the campaign’s theme, and echoes Palin’s linguistic tics: “John N Sarah tell ya/Just what they think/And they’re not gonna blink/And they’re gonna fix this country/Cause they’re just like you N ole Hank/Yes John is a maverick/And Sarah fixed Alaska’s broken condition/They’re gonna go just fine/We’re headed for better times/It’s a McCain Palin tradition.” Canada Goose Parka

One line Williams sang today did not appear in the lyrics the campaign distributed later in the day. That was an allusion to Barack Obama’s connection to Weather Underground member William Ayers, in which Williams praised John McCain and Sarah Palin’s friendships by crooning, “They don’t have radical friends to whom their careers are linked.”

canada goose clearance And while Williams boasts in the original version, “I have loved some ladies/and does canada goose go on sale black friday I have loved Jim Beam,” those are apparently not attributes he ascribes to the members of the GOP ticket. canada goose clearance

cheap canada goose uk See the official lyrics for “McCain Palin Tradition” after the jump: cheap canada goose uk

buy canada goose jacket The left wing liberal media have buy canada goose jacket

Always been a real close knit family

But, most of the American People

Don’t believe ’em anyway ya see

Just following a link to read the lyrics of a song I first heard of canada goose shop robbed only minutes ago, I was shocked by the one sidedness of the “comments” I’ve just read. It took getting to the bottom of the page for me to discover I was on a Washington Post site. Shock gave way to understanding, if not awe. Clearly, were this a Fox News site, the, uh, “balance,” or imbalance would swing in the other cheap canada goose direction. Here’s what I got from the song. It’s honest with a capital aitch. Honesty is not something I get from Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Shall I count the ways? Hank nailed him on a few. Most of mine, I sense, would fall on deaf ears here. Free and brave men and women live in many “lands,” but Obama will lose for a variety of reasons. The “Change” he chose for a catch phrase is frightening to those bitter souls who cling to either guns and religion, or the notion that the United States need not change into something that more resembles, say, Belgium. More power to all of you who’ve identified yourselves as Democrats, and thus, vote against the Republican candidate. I used to do that myself. Obama supporters seem very happy with the sexist way pundits and some news organizations treat any action or statement by Sarah Palin, and canada goose outlet many believe that most of the “venom” in the campaign canada goose sale outlet review is coming from supporters of Obama.

Women of America Unite in this defining moment in American history. To ensure we can grow up from the male dominated government that has caused many of the problems our country is facing; to a country where men and women are equal partners in governance.

buy canada goose jacket cheap “Going to fight”! That ain’t fightin’ he had two years to do that, and didn’t lift one limp finger to fight! No, he’s jist another Washington windbag, votin’ with them big Dem dogs to crush opposition to regulatin’ Fannie and Freddie, and even helpin’ one of them there lawsuits to force the bank to lend money to people who shouldn’t have been lent to. Jist remember where this big ‘ole crisis came from, and yer Obama dude’s got a whole passel of fingers pointin’ at his face! buy canada goose jacket cheap

Now, if you want to see fightin’, see John McCain! He at least tried, even if Obama and his friends shot him down.

canada goose store Also, as a Titans fan, it’s sickening to see a Tennessee resident don a Redskins jersey for a cheap crowd pop 😉 canada goose store.