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“In the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK)

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August 21, 2007: By the time you finish reading this sentence, you be 25 miles closer to the planet Mars.Earth and Mars are converging, and right now the distance between the two planets is shrinking at a rate of 22,000 mphor about 25 miles per sentence. Ultimately, this will lead to a close approach in late December 2007 when Mars will outshine every star in the night sky. Of a similar encounter in the 19th century, astronomer Percival Lowell wrote the following: blazes forth against the dark background of space with a splendor that outshines Sirius and rivals the giant Jupiter himself.Contrary to rumor, though, Mars is never going to outshine the Moon.There is an email circulating the internet called the Hoax or the Moons email that Mars will soon swell as large as the full Moon, and the two will hang together side by side on the night of Aug.

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fjallraven kanken The new equipment now enables a download speed of at least five megabits per second to rural households with higher speeds available in most communities. To have reliable, high speed access in order to grow local economies, create jobs, access education, health care, emergency services and connect with friends and family,” said Jinny Sims, Minister of Citizens’ Services. Congratulations to everyone involved on this important achievement.”In the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK), for example, Internet service to the Jaffray fjallraven kanken, Baynes Lake and Elko fire departments has greatly improved fjallraven kanken, with more bandwidth and more reliable connections.”The radio systems between our fire halls, as well as our radio connection to dispatch in Kelowna, are all linked via Internet,” said Dave Boreen, Elk Valley and South Country Rural Fire Rescue Service Chief. fjallraven kanken

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