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  • This is made possible by an $18 entry fee and by unique

This is made possible by an $18 entry fee and by unique

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I walk down a tunnel and into the underworld. Here are Philip’s iron armour and his giant shield, his golden quiver decorated with scenes from the siege of Troy. There are the ashes from his funeral pyre, alongside cremated horses and goats. N n n nDemographers say the change is all but irreversible and is likely to bring added attention to child care policies as well as government safety nets for vulnerable families. Still, the general public is not at all sure that having more working mothers is a good thing. N n n nWhile roughly 79 percent of Americans reject the notion that women should return to their traditional roles, only 21 percent of those polled said the trend of more mothers of young children working outside the home is a good thing for society, according to the Pew survey.

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